All IN capital campaign

Welcome to the landing page for our Capital Campaign - All In. 

Below you will find a description of the campaign, as well as ideas we may use to bolster our HPSM spaces. 

ThE campaign

God is blessing us at High Pointe these days and we are grateful as He leads us forward with His favor and grace. 

We are sensing God’s guidance and want to take the next step forward in mission and outreach. Toward that end, we endeavor to invest in reaching the next generation and hope to build a dedicated children’s and youth wing that would be clean, creative, fun, engaging and dedicated to their use. There is no reason why our church can’t be the leading ministry for students and youth in the area. We have a heart to reach the next generation and have a terrific church family and youth/children’s ministry team to make it happen. 

However, our current building configuration is limiting. Each week we set up our program in the gym and it would be terrific if they had their own space that is fun, creative, and engaging. We also are limited in our welcome area. We are limited on space and desire to add a more inviting and hospitable coffee bar and welcome areas. We need to replace our florescent lighting throughout the church with canned lighting to make the environment throughout the church more inviting and hospitable. 

Right now we owe $973K on our building and pay $9,000 per month with $4200 of it is interest. We want to bring this to an end and we do not want to take on any new debt.

We intend to run a 3 year Capital Campaign to pay off the past and invest in the future.

How it will be structured…

Since we do not want to take on more debt, we want to start a campaign where every dollar that comes in is split 60/40, so that with every $100, 60 dollars would go to paying off our debt and 40 dollars would be placed in a fund to pay for our upcoming capital improvement needs as the money comes in.

What motivates us?

The love of God and the gospel imperative to reach our neighbors for Christ. As we reach students, we reach their parents. Our desire to to create a welcoming, loving, engaging church home here to see so many more students, and children and their families find Christ!

HPSM Ideas

The following listed items represent some ideas of how we may utilize the funds gained from the campaign. 

  • HPSM Lobby

    A functional, open lobby is highly useful. When people feel crowded or overstimulated, they’re probably less likely to come back. A wide-open space with clear over-head direction/titles would be a great start. This would be a centralized location between all kids’ classrooms and meeting spaces. A few check-in stations would exist in this space.

  • HPSM Check-In

    A great check-in area is a must. Having iPads for self check-in stations and computer monitors for assisted check-in stations would allow many families the joy of using an accelerated check-in process. Less cables and junk around the stations would be important. Wall mounted items and clean spaces provide a stress-free zone.

  • Activity room

    A game room where the students could come to spend time relaxing before and after the lessons, would be a great thing!! This would need to accommodate a small group meeting space as well.

  • youth Stage and Lighting

     A stage with modern lighting, backdrops, media capabilities, and seating, would be ideal. Students want something that is inviting. They also want a space that show how much they are valued. This space would need to have enough seating to accommodate growth in the ministry and space for large numbers to gather for various events, but still provide an atmosphere of warmth for those using the space.

  • Childrens stage

    A great stage with functional lighting, good digital media capabilities, and a space between the stage production and audience, would serve well. Seating that is permanent (no chairs) would provide low maintenance for staffand ease of use for kid leaders in corralling kids.