Check out below to find our list of resources for bible study, forms, and other ways to help you grow in your walk with Christ.

  • Find out the details included in our weekly bulletin! 

  • Check this page out to see what is happening at the High Pointe Community Church building and the events that are coming up.

  • Go here to view more details about our capital campaign, "All In"

  • Go to this page to find some resources which can aid you in studying the Scriptures, whether it be for our Storying small groups, or for your own personal study.

  • Check out this free-to-you resource which has hundreds of videos for small groups, recorded conferences, and many other Christian resources. 

  • Need to sign up for something? Find the form here. 


    The worship playlist contains songs that our worship teams play on Sunday. This is a great way to familiarize yourself with the lyrics of the songs we sing together as part of our worship services.