A 12-step recovery program for finding freedom

from our hurts, habits and hang-ups.

What to expect at CR?

The first thing you can expect is that Celebrate Recovery is a safe haven to confront your hurts, habits and hang-ups.  You can be honest with yourself, others and, most importantly, God!  Just show up at High Pointe on Thursdays @ 7PM and be prepared to get started on your path to recovery. 


 • Meeting in the Sanctuary

• Face masks are recommended

• No childcare available

• No food provide

How do I know if CR is right for me?

The reality is that everyone would benefit from Celebrate Recovery!  We all are affected by hurts, habits and hangups in our lives.  In Celebrate Recovery we deal with the many areas in our lives that trip us up and keep us captive.  Some examples include low self-esteem, need to control, depression, anger, co-dependency, depression, fear of rejection, fear of abandonment, perfectionism, broken relationships, abuse, dependency of alcohol or drugs, and pornography. 

God's grace has no limits!!!


(CLOSED DURING COVID)The Solid Rock Cafe will be open after our meeting so you can grab a cup of coffee and connect with friends.  

What is Celebrate Recovery?

CR is a Bible based 12-step program that focuses on the words of Jesus and the Beatitudes given at the Sermon on the Mount (Matthew 5).  It provides a safe place

where you can find God's healing from

habits, hurts and hang-ups.  

To watch an introductory video   roundedvideoplay

To read the 12 steps roundedsharethis

To read the 8 recovery principles roundedsharethis

Ask yourself these questions: 

Is there something I wish I could live without?

Are there things in my life that I do that hurt others?

Is it time to crack my denial and admit I am not in control of my life?

Do I have a painful hurt or hang-up that I want to be free from?

If you answered "yes" to any of these questions, we urge you to attend a

Celebrate Recovery meeting to see if it is for you!

If you have other questions, feel free to email us at: HPCCCR@gmail.com