Ministries at High Pointe

At High Pointe Community Church, we have a variety of ministries geared toward different demographics and settings, yet all are striving to meet our mission: making Jesus' way of life our way of life. Please feel free to check out what is happening in each of our ministries below.

  • Children

    Where kids come to know, love and share Christ!  Each week our dedicated team of volunteers minister to the children.  We provide a fun, loving and safe environment for children ages newborn through 56ers.  


  • Students

    Find out what is happening with our middle school and high school ministry! 

  • College: BASIC

    Our heart is to design each worship experience, mission focus and ministry event in a way that connects every generation.  We hope that you find that to be true at High Pointe!  Come talk with the Basic College Ministry leaders and hear more about the heart of this ministry.

  • Adults

    Check out what we offer for our adults, including Mens and Womens ministries! 

  • Small Groups

    We at High Pointe believe that God designed life to be lived together, and small groups help form that pattern in our community. It is our goal to break away from the chaos of busy schedules at least once during the week to meet with others, practicing what the early church did so well. 

  • Celebrate Recovery

    CR is a Bible based 12-step program that focuses on the words of Jesus and the Beatitudes given at the Sermon on the Mount (Matthew 5).  It provides a safe place where you can find God's healing from habits, hurts and hang-ups.