We at High Pointe believe God has given each person of the Church a role to build and serve the body. Each person has something that they know, something they can do, and something they are passionate about. We want to provide a space for our church family to offer those gifts and find a place to serve.

We each have something to offer.

Each person has something they know, a skill they can share, and something they are passionate about. We believe that God gives every community exactly what they need to thrive, but the difficulty is in knowing where those resources will be found. Imagine if the church knew what each person brought to the table:

The education we could provide one another on car repair, finances, and parenting; 

The skills of music, construction, decorating, and cooking being used to bless one another; 

Helping one another to live out our passions for the kingdom of God, bringing justice to a broken world. 

These are the blessings God has given us in our heads, hands, and hearts. We would love to hear from you what you might be able to offer your community through knowledge, skills, or passions; please let us know here

If you need help...

Please let us know how we can work together to help you. The Body can't be healthy if it is ignoring parts that are in need or in pain. If you would like your church community to be there for you, please contact or, and we will do our best to be there for you!

Our current ministry needs.

This is a team effort. There are many tasks involved with being in community, doing ministry, and maintaining a building. If you have the time and resources, please consider taking on one of our current needs:

Children's Ministry

Teachers for nursery and kids

Student Ministry

Kitchen help for youth group

Building and Property Maintenance

Tidying the Sanctuary: straightening chairs, Bibles; taking care of bulletins, trash, etc.

Weeding the grounds


Making meals for young mothers

Team members for special events preparations (funerals, showers, etc.)

Worship Ministry

Musicians (especially acoustic, electric and bass guitar)

Sound booth technicians (training available)

There are many other needs not listed, some coming and going. If you feel God leading you to a place to serve, simply contact Pastor Tim at or and we will connect you to the correct ministry leader.