Invest in your marriage.

This coming February, High Pointe will be launching its first annual Marriage Retreat. This year's theme will be Marriage Refresh, led by local psychologist Dr. Dan Ehnis. The retreat will take place in the beautiful retreat center at Camp Geneva located in Holland, MI. We will cover themes such as expectations, personality tests, communication and conflict resolution, intimacy and closeness. Not to mention it will be plenty of fun! 

The retreat will be February 8th & 9th from 7pm-7pm. Cost is $175 per couple. Get more details and sign up here. Limited availability!

About our speaker

As a Licensed Psychologist,  Dr. Dan Ehnis has over 39 years of  experience counseling individuals, couples and families in private practice.  He was also a Professor of Psychology and Family Studies at Cornerstone University for 39 years.